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Quinceanera Expo

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Quinceañera Magazine since 2006 has been organizing and hosting Quinceañera Expos throughout the US, from the West Coast to the East Coast in over sixteen different cities and growing.

Quinceañera Magazine Expos provide ideas and opportunity to see what's available to families within the planning process for their Quinceañera, Sweet 16,and Prom.
Quinceañera Magazine Expos are the most anticipated events that this publication has created, and today with a nationwide network of 16 different cities across the US bringing their advertisers to life; enhancing business exposure, and marketing face to face with thousands of Latino families eager to know about new products, ideas and promotions.
Latino communities have a strong presence and continue to grow while expanding the quinceañera industry. Quinceañera Magazine Expos allow brands to connect directly to Hispanic families; and bring together top line vendors for Quinceañeras,  Prom and Sweet 16 celebrations.

“We help promote and market local and nationwide brands small and large businesses within the Latino Market.”
Making many dreams come true, Quinceañ also provides the opportunity to all teenage Latinas to experience the spotlight as a runway model within our fashion shows, or a print model, or even a cover girl for our beautiful publication, discovered during our regional beauty pageants.

Quinceañeras Magazine has created an expo program, were you can add a special to promote during this special event.
Size 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Full page is only $100 full page.

 Quinceañera Magazine is proud and overjoyed to have helped thousands of Latino girls with the planning of their dreamed party with theses expos, magazine and website.

Houston Quinceanera Expo 8/16/2015
Dallas Quinceanera Expo 07/19/15

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San Antonio Quinceanera Expo 08/09/15

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