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Los Merla pasteles

Nos especializamos en pasteles de bodas y quinceañeras, somos una familia comprometida a dar lo mejor de nosotros mismos, y con todo el amor, pasión y compromiso elaboramos nuestras…


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San Antonio Quinceanera Expo July 9 th 2017 At The Henry B. Gonzalez

San Antonio Quinceaneras & Prom Expo is a one-stop shopping experience Quinceanera Expo | Plan Your Entire Quince Under One Roof Quinceañera Expo is an event like no other.

San Antonio, Texas View details
Dallas FW Quinceanera Expo July 16 th at Irving Convention Center

Dallas Quinceaneras & Prom Expo is a one-stop shopping experience Quinceanera Expo | Plan Your Entire Quince Under One Roof Quinceañera Expo is an event like no other.

Irving, Texas View details
Quinceanera Expo Sacramento July 2017

Quinceaeras Expo Is Finally Here!!! Bringing you the Best: For Quinceaeras and Sweet 16 to be Vals Demos Live Performances Oh, and did I forget...

North Highlands, California View details
Quinceanera Expo Hayward 2017

Quinceanera Expo | Plan Your Entire Quince Under One Roof Quinceaera Expo is an event like no other. It has been created with quinceaeras in mind and is design to focus exclusively on…

Hayward, California View details

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  • The Ceremony

    A Quinceañera ceremony celebrates Hispanic traditions, culture and heritage. Most of the symbolic traditions of a quince are presented during the ceremony or religious mass, which is why the mass is considered the most important part of a Quinceañera.

    The symbolic traditions presented during the ceremony represent the transformation of a girl becoming a young woman before God and her family. The ceremony serves to reaffirm her faith through the renewal of the baptismal vows.
    Not all Quinceañeras have the same religious background. Therefore, it is common for each of them to include

    a ceremony that is representative of their spiritual practices.
    Traditionally, the ceremony takes place at a church and is administered by a pastor or priest. Nowadays many officiants offer to conduct the ceremony at your home or reception hall.  
    Once you decide on the place for your ceremony, schedule an appointment with the officiant to discuss any prerequisites and specific requirements.
    The officiant should be able to guide you as far as what to expect from the ceremony, how to prepare for it and how to make the most out of the experience.

    Items of Symbolism


    The traditional gifts presented during the ceremony hold special meaning as they relate to you becoming a young woman.
    These gifts are represent loyalty and commitment to God, your family and yourself.
    The priest or pastor blesses all of the gifts during the ceremony. The padrinos of each of the gifts are responsible for taking them to the altar when the priest requests the ojects.
    Here is a list of the most common gifts presented by your padrinos during the ceremony:


    1. The Holy Bible:  This is the  foundation of your faith and a manual that will guide your spiritual growth.
    2. Tiara / Corona: Symbolizes that you are a princess in the eyes of God.
    3. Rosary/Cross Necklace: Meant to be worn as a reminder of your faith

    4.     La Ultima Muñeca: Represents you leaving behind your childhood toys in preparation of new, mature responsibilities

    5.     Ceremony pillow/ Cojin: A kneeling pillow for you to use during the ceremony. A Ring/Anillo: To symbolize God’s unending love. Also meant to be worn  s a reminder of your faith.

    6.     Earrings: Meant to be worn as a reminder to keep your ears towards to the word of God.

    7.     Pair of High Heel Shoes: Used to wear during the reception in representation of your first pair of heels as a young woman.

  • Quinceanera Expo San Jose January 2018

    Sunday, 28 January 2018 12:00 - 17:00
    Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
    344 Tully Road, San Jose, CA, US

  • Quinceanera Expo Stockton 2018

    Sunday, 11 March 2018 12:00 - 17:00
    San Joaquin County Fairgrounds
    1658 South Airport Way, Stockton, CA, US

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